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The letter of motivation as part of your application is the perfect opportunity to highlight your suitability and passion for the desired position. Create it effortlessly with CV Beaver!

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How to Write a Unique Resume

What are the basic tips on resume writing? What makes a good resume and what should you avoid?

CV Beaver has emerged from the motivation of the software company Bieber-Systems to attract young talents for exciting software projects. For this purpose, there is an interesting blog post describing what to pay attention to when creating a resume.

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Meike Malewski
VR Bank

The intuitive user interface of CV-Beaver and the modern templates allow job seekers to present their skills and experiences in a compelling manner, thereby enhancing their evaluation for open job positions.

Johannes Müller

As a recruiter, I highly appreciate the features for sharing a CV and allowing further editing. This allows for quick and convenient corrections and adjustments to be made before forwarding a CV to a potential client.

Yekaterina Alyoshina
Volksbank Mitweida eG

I recommend CV-Beaver to all my friends who want to create a professional and visually appealing resume. The platform is user-friendly and enables job seekers to highlight their skills effectively.

Resume Builder: FAQ

  • The resume, also known as Curriculum Vitae or simply CV, is an essential component of your job application. Serving as the centerpiece of your documents, it provides information about your education, professional journey, relevant skills, and experiences. The purpose of a resume is to offer a meaningful summary of your career path and generate interest in you as a candidate, aiming to secure an invitation for an interview.

    A flawless and error-free resume is of paramount importance. Grammatical or spelling mistakes do not create a favorable impression and can result in your application being discarded. On this page, you will learn what to pay attention to in order to avoid such errors and advance successfully in the job application process.

  • Every resume is unique, but certain universally applicable guidelines should be followed. A well-structured resume typically consists of at least four sections, which can be optionally supplemented. Here are the mandatory and optional details summarized:

    Personal Information

    Personal information is placed at the beginning of the resume to provide the employer with an initial overview of you. This includes your full name, current address, phone number, and email to facilitate easy contact. You can also add a photo if desired.
    Optionally, additional personal details can be provided, such as date of birth, place of birth, or marital status. However, it's important to consider privacy protection and avoidance of discrimination. You can choose whether to include these details as they may not be relevant to the application.

    If you have a website or profiles on platforms like LinkedIn or Xing, you can also mention them, especially if they are significant for the desired position. For certain professions, such as field sales, having a driver's license can also be relevant.

    Education and Qualifications

    Education, both academic and vocational, is an important section in the resume as it demonstrates your qualifications. Depending on your work experience, this section can be placed before or after the work experience section. Entry-level candidates or students should list their educational path before work experience.

    Work Experience

    Professional experience is the centerpiece of the resume and should be listed precisely but comprehensively to avoid gaps. Entry-level candidates can also include relevant summer jobs and internships.

    Skills and Abilities

    In this section, you can list specific skills and abilities that are relevant to the desired position and haven't been mentioned in the previous sections. This can include language skills and specific IT skills. Skills acquired through volunteer work can also be mentioned here.

    Optionally, additional details can be included in your resume:


    A summary, also known as a "Career Summary" or "About Me," briefly presents your skills and qualifications. It allows HR personnel to quickly get a first impression and decide if they want to read further.

    Hobbies and Interests

    Including hobbies and interests adds individuality and a personal touch to your application. If your hobbies demonstrate relevant knowledge or soft skills, they can provide additional value. However, consider whether they might pique the reader's interest.

  • When composing a resume, it's helpful to know the components and structure. The resume should provide a thorough yet concise overview of your persona. This means it should be detailed but not exceed a maximum of three pages. Additionally, it's important to either avoid gaps in your work history or openly address them.

  • We understand that building a resume follows certain rules regarding structure and format. Crafting a clear summary of your career journey can already be a challenge, and uncertainties about the format and other requirements can be overwhelming.

    That's why CV Beaver provides numerous tools to assist you in making a professional resume. Using the tool is straightforward: you simply input your information and select the appropriate template. Additionally, you have access to content enhancement tools to polish your text or translate it, enhancing your career prospects.

    If your questions are not fully answered or if you have further concerns or suggestions, we are here to assist you directly. You can contact us, and we will be happy to help.



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